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My name is Rüta and I learnt how to knit from my mum when I was seven. Even at that time it felt as a very obvious thing to do – knitting runs into my family, where all the women know the craft and have always handed over the skills to the daughters.

Knitting became a hobby and something to do on my free time just after I graduated college and it very soon grew in the best addiction possible. About a year ago, knitting had been taking over my daily life in such significant amounts I decided to leave my day-job at the office. So now I can finally say – Rü is my full-time job. I knit everywhere at any time.

More about RüCreations:

The main feature of any Rü knitting is the outstanding quality. Not only of the wool I use, but also of other materials, the work itself as well as the final handlings and the result. As the most important in the final product I see the fact that it’s easy to take care of and maintain in the original shape and that the knitting is long-lasting.

All the patterns are made by myself – I like simple shapes and esthetic symbols combined with bright colour combinations. As I like to think – one should just let the wool speak! That’s why I don’t over-complicate my knitting with complex designs as you can se in the photographs. The patterns may look suspiciously smooth and precise, but it’s 100% handmade. What I try to show through my work is simplicity and brightness.

As you can see in the photo from my vacation in Greece – I never give myself a holiday from knitting. I knit anywhere, all the time and I always carry the knitting I’m working on with me. Even in Greece I had an extra suitcase just for the wools and knits – what’s a better way to relax in the warm evening sun than doing something you love?

If I would have to choose only one thing to knit, it would be socks. Small or big ones – it doesn’t matter. The secret hides in their warmth, endurance, how soft they are and of course, in the bright colours I love so much.

The most requests I get from the customers are for the small, baby-boots. They are great for keeping the little feet warm as I use the really soft Merino wool, but are also very practical and long-lasting. They fit the baby’s feet for the first six months and the bigger sizes can fit even for the whole first year of life!

I’m a big sports fan. And because of that, a very special and personal part of my job is the line of products ♥ I love you LATVIA ♥ by Rü Creations. When working on these models, I use the Latvian national colours so that every Latvian sports fan could have the opportunity to wear warm and comfortable accessories in the colours, which are so dear to us.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you back in RüCreations shop soon!
Love, Rü

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